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La Gardo Tackett

Eames and VKG

It was a two LTR kinda weekend. Plus, Raul Coronel and Kenji Fujita.

Norwegian wood

Weekend / Stuff

All ceramic weekend

LAMA / May 2016

A monumental Sheila Hicks fiber sculpture at the preview for the May 22nd LAMA sale.

It appears they also have some Walter Lamb furniture

KEM Weber desk and side table designed for the Disney studios in 1938.

KEM Weber music cabinet designed for the Disney studios in 1938.

This was the KEM Weber set up at Disney, complete with an "Airline" chair on the right 

Three paintings by Oskar Fischinger
Coincidentally, Oskar worked as motion picture cartoon effects animator at Disney right around the same time KEM Weber designed the new offices. Theoretically, he could have been using a Weber desk when he was working on Fantasia.
Fischinger at work at the Disney studio in 1939. He hated it. More on that, here.

Source: Elfriede Fischinger via Michael Sporn Animation 

Salvador Dali was around the Disney studio too. There is an "Airline" chair in the corner.

Source:  Night Flight

Bernard "Tony" Rosenthal, 1953

 Rosenthal on Arts & Architecture, 1953

Nelson Clocks

A super clean George Nelson Home Office Desk and stool for Herman Miller

 Isamu Noguchi chess table (IN-61) for Herman Miller.
The VKG shelf in the back is pretty great too.

This is the third one to go through LAMA. 
There are about a dozen known to exist. More on that, here.

An Espenet dining set. It was made for enamelist June Schwarcz.

Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian chairs

Ricahrd Neutra Camel Table from the Serulnic Residence. There is also a rendering from the house up for auction.

John Baldessari poster. 
National City's finest.

June Kaneko

Ettore Sottsass room divider 
Memphis is perpetually the next big thing. I think it might be true this time.

Weekend / Stuff

Eames LCM

Mathematica, by The Eames Office; L.A. 84 Olympic pins, by former Eames Office member, Deborah Sussman; and Three Modern Masters catalogue of an exhibition with Bengston and Ruscha that was held at the Frank Lloyd Wright space. I found the poster for the same exhibition last week.

David Cunningham ceramic plaques...boom

Alvar Aalto

I picked up another one of these.

Mingei / Mingei

Mingei of Japan at the Mingei International Museum

It probably isn't a surprise that the Mingei museum has a fantastic collection of Mingei artifacts. This included a number of recent acquisitions. The exhibit was curated by the museum's director, Rob Sidner.
Soetsu Yanagi’s writings are on the walls. He, along with Shoji Hamada and Kawai Kawai Kanjiro, are the fathers of the Japanese Mingei movement.
 Soetsu is also the father of Sori Yanagi. Here is baby Sori in 1915.

Ceramics by Shoji Hamada

Shoji Hamada

Hamada, Bernard Leach, Soetsu Yanagi, and Marguerite Wildenhain at Black Mountain College, 1952

Kawai Kanjiro. I went to his house, here.


Nakashima table and chairs flanked by Sori Yanagi lamps, stool, and teapot.

Sori Yanagi

Mingei of Japan runs until October 2, 2016
More info here