Road Trip / SW

I've been on the road. 
More about that later.

Tackett / Thursday

Designer / Knock-Offs

Vintage bronze belt buckle by San Diego artist Jack Boyd.

The "rare & authentic" 18K gold knock-off by Tom Ford.
I've seen a lot of Jack Boyd belt buckles and there is no doubt that this is a direct copy.
Image: eBay

I used to think Tom Ford was kinda cool.  He owns a Neutra house and had Tadao Ando design a ranch for him.
Those are the sort of things I would do if I had his bank account. 
Image: eBay

Tom Ford's Tadao Ando ranch in New Mexico. 
Photo by Guido Mocafico via A AS Architecture

Tom Ford's Richard Neutra house, originally the Brown residence, 1955

Apparently, his taste in mid-century design not only includes architects like Neutra, but also artists like Jack Boyd.     
You would think the former creative director of Gucci and YSL would be sensitive to fakes.  Although, instead of low-end copies 
of Gucci bags at the swap meet, Ford has stolen a design of a relatively unknown artist and slapped his own name on it. 

And he's not the only one stealing designs out there...

Mondoblogo recently called out Kelly Wearstler for ripping off this Auböck bottle opener. 
Source: Mondoblogo

Then there's the real bottom of the barrel rip-off artist, Jonathan Adler.
His whole line is one stolen design after another-everyone from Bill Curry to Gio Ponti.
Image:  Jonathan Adler

Here's a couple more. Celerie Kemble for Henredon ripping off an Aldo Tura table and
 Oscar de la Renta for Century knocking off a Tommi Parzinger cabinet.

Architecture / Brent-/Crest-wood

Haas house by A. Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith in Crestwood Hills (originally the Mutual Housing Association)/ Los Angeles, 1950

House by Sam Kiyotoki, also in Crestwood Hills, 1958

Sturges house by Frank Lloyd Wright in Brentwood / Los Angeles, 1939
John Lautner oversaw the construction of this Usonian masterpiece.

Jack Larson (not Lenor) lives in the house. He was Jimmy Olsen on the 1950s  Adventures of Superman TV series.  

That's how to cantilever.

Weekend / Stuff

Eames DKX

Evelyn Ackerman / ERA Industries napkin holder

Clay and fiber by Joyce McCullough

OUSA / Garage Sale

The Objects USA Garage Sale was held this weekend in San Diego.
A lot of units were moved.


After opening night


After opening night

The owl department went fast.

Warhol / Golden Oak

Gerard from Reform Gallery sent me this series of ads for Golden Oak Furniture Inc., staring Andy Warhol.

Product placement at its finest.

 The ads ran in Interiors Magazine in the late 70s or 80s.
I had no idea he was such a product pimp!

A Brillo pad box that was given to the creative Director who worked with Andy Warhol on the Golden Oak Furniture ads.
It sold at auction in 2012 for $1,000.

Here he is in a TDK ad.

Sony (Beta) and Pioneer

This is the best one, Warhol and Sonny Liston for Branniff Airlines, complete with Alexander Girard fabric on the seats.

Garage Sale / Objects USA

Objects USA is having a garage sale this weekend.
More information, here.

Tackett / Thursday

Kenji Fujita for Tackett Associates

May / Wright

Cliff May / C.E. Chaote chairs at the Frank Lloyd Wright Buehler House in Orinda
Source: Sunset, 1950

Buehler House in 2011.  The coy pond is great, but not original. Strange, because it actually looks more original than the 
swimming pool in 1950.
Image: Art Jabber

The Usonian house was built in 1948 and has been partially rebuilt after a 1994 fire.
It's been up for sale since 2011. The price has dropped from $4.95M to $3.35M. Scoop it up, here
Image: Art Jabber

Now back to those Cliff May and C.E. Chaote chairs.  I'm not sure how this played out but there are a few patents for
these chairs.  Some list May as the designer; another lists Choate and May; and this one just lists Choate. 
When I first came across them, May was listed as the investor. What I do know is they're super cool. The table shown
above swivels and can even detach from the chair when not in use.    

Here is a pair in the courtyard of a Cliff May designed house.  Coincidentally, the only time I've seen one of them in person 
was at a Cliff May house that belongs to mfriend Jay. He has a set with the original table attachments.  His house also 
has one of these cool fire pits.

Do you know what Cliff May was doing before he was building ranch homes?
Photo: Julius Shulman

Yep, a band guy in San Diego.  This was at the Hotel del Coronado in 1927.

Read the full story about May's San Diego roots in this article: 

And even more at Modern San Diego

Weekend / Stuff

Doyle Lane ceramics, table and reading material.
I've never been able to figure these tables out.  I've had them before but I have no idea who made them. 
 Let me know if you.  It's square stock solid iron frame and two boards spaced apart from each other. 

So the gunmetal glaze weed pot is joining a lamp I've had for a while with the same glaze.  It's a torchiere. Nuts right? 

Doyle bead

It's going to keep his nipply friend company now.   

I also picked up this Eames Zenith rope edge fiberglass shell.  It has a Z in the fiberglass and no other markings. 
It also appears to have never had shockmounts installed on it. Go figure.