Freeman Lederman

Pat Lopez for Freeman Lederman

Freeman Lederman Hibachi Skewers

Eames House Video

Charles and Ray Eames' living room makes an interim home at LACMA

See video here: LA TIMES

The House That Sam Built - Huntington Library

Sam Maloof string chair and Natzler Bowl
Sam Maloof and Art in the Pamona Valley, 1945-1985
Part of Pacific Standard Time 

Doug Ayers

Doug Ayers wood vases

San Diego's Craft Revolution From Post-War Modern to California Design

There is only one person who could have created the 
San Diego craft bible, and Dave Hampton just did.
It's amazing.

Barney Reid Enamel

Russell Forester and Jack Boyd

See the exhibit at the museum Martha made: The Mingei International Museum
The exhibit was curated by Dave Hampton and is part of Pacific Standard Time

Reform Booth / SF20/21: San Francisco 20th

Espenet, JB Blunk, Romeo Reyna

Pearson / Sheets / Nelson

Herman Miller Rosewood Cabinet Series catalog
Invoice for cabinets sold to California painter Millard Sheets and delivered to Bill Pearson
Canceled check to Herman Miller from Bill Pearson
Herman Miller business card for the Beverly Blvd showroom

Bill Pearson was a jockey, art enthusiast and kind of a bad ass.  He was also a winner on 
"The $64,000 Question" in April of 1956.  Millard sheets, a good friend of his, was the 
expert he brought in with him in the isolation booth.  Bill was a won on the show by correctly 
identifying six paintings, the artists who painted them and a teacher each of the artists studied with.

Photo of Millard Sheets, Bill Pearson and show host Hal March: Getty Images 

Right after cashing his winning check for $64K, Pearson went into Knoedler gallery in 
New York and bought a Edward Hicks’s painting, Peaceable Kingdom, for $5,000. 

Later in 1956 Millard Sheets goes to Herman Miller to place an order  for some  George Nelson 
rosewood case pieces for Bill Pearson.  There is a cancelled check from Bill and they 
are shipped to his La Jolla address.  

Bill Pearson, his wife Queta and some of their pre-Columbian art.
For a short time they had an art gallery in La Jolla. 

Photo: Vanity Fair

Bill Pearson in 1959

"...Pearson determined that dealing art in San Diego would not be profitable. 
In 1960, he made the tough decision to leave Queta and their two 
young daughters and move alone to San Francisco,  where he opened a gallery of primitive 
art below his apartment on Union Street in Pacific Heights."

A great article about Bill: Vanity Fair

Tackett / Tuttle

Michael Arntz

Pair of smallish plaques at the flea.  They wanted $6K with the threat 
that if they didn't sell they would be sending them to auction. 
OK, so flea market first, then auction...bozos

Monumental Garden Pot at LAMA in 2008 - Sold for $12K

"Monument to Hetch Hetchy"
California Design 11

Sotheby's Is Slumming It

Kenji Fujita - Freeman Lederman

Malcolm Leland Lantern - Architectural Pottery

A Mid Century Eye: The Collection of Colleen Sullivan
Entire Catalog is here

Hawk House / Hawk House

Hawk House Lamp

Hawk House Los Angeles 39

Hawk House Hurricane Candleholder and Barbecue-Brazier 
Architect Craig Ellwood - Lappin Residence 1949
Modernism Rediscovered - Julius Schulman

Architect Carl L Maston - Virgil Apartments 1951
Photo: Modernism Rediscovered - Julius Schulman

Edwin "Stan" Hawk House in Silver Lake by Architect Harwell Hamilton Harris 1939
The address of Stan's house is listed in promotional materials for the Hawk House Brazier and Candleholder
Photo: Architectural Forum - Fred Dapprich

SD Blackout

Finally a reason to use that VKG candleholder and Leland lantern