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Dorothy Kneedler Lawenda and Harry Lawenda,1951
Photo: Veranda magazine

Ray Eames Sculpture

The technology of modern plastics and the mold are the greatest 
single influence on the shape of useful objects in the modern world.  

In the know / Soleri Bells

Homer Delawie - 1964 Delawie Residence # 2 Photo by Douglas Simmonds 

Nakashima's Door - Handcrafted ModernLeslie Williamson 

Pitman-Paulie Residence by Llloyd Ruocco

DH in the GH

Ray Kappe - LA Times

Hortence Miller- Laguna Dirt



Tall Drink of Water

Evelyn Ackerman Mosaic 

In situ : Palmer and Krisel house with a Vista of California table
Thanks DH

1961 Arts & Architecture

Robert Arneson / SF MOMA

Ivory Tower

California Design 6, 1960