Pacific Iron on the Patio

Paul László Dining Set for Pacific Iron

Mini Modern

Little Lustig covers

Baby Nelson

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Google Correlate

Google Correlate finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends

Mid-Century is hot

Eames is not

Eames searches by state

Alvin Lustig/The Beverly-Carlton Apartment Hotel

Sam Reisbord was the architect and Lustig was a contributing designer. 1947-48 
The Beverly Carlton - postcard

1949 - Life Magazine

Made in Cali

No love for Blunk's landlord, Gordon Onslow Ford - BI

Expensive lunch, Wayne Thiebaud - $1M

Getting Funky, Robert Arneson- $20K

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Ray Komai / A.W. & Marion Gellor

What's up with all the cool stuff on the 1stdibs this week? 
Both of these are being offered by Metro in DC 

Ray Komai Laverne Originals Textile

F-2-G floor lamp by A.W. & Marion Geller for Heifetz
Honorable mention in the 1951 MoMA Low Cost Lighting Competition

ESU 421-N

Pretty awesome configuration.
There's an awesome price to go along with it.
On the dibs.

Doyle Lane Clay Assemblage

1stdibs actually put something awesome on the 1st page that wasn't from Wyeth.
This is from Reform, of course.

Jan, not Greta

Not Grossman Grasshoppers

Double Wide

VKG, Conover


June Schwarcz enamels
Photo by Leslie Williams

Wright: Important Design

George Rickey- In Color

Peter Voulkos Stack Pot

This is pretty crafty for Dunbar


1950's Japanese Architecture Magazines

Doyle Lane Pitcher

Presumably, an early piece by Doyle Lane. 

Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Organic Design Chair

Part of the JF Chen Eames Collection

Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Chair from the 
1941 MOMA Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition.
Haskelite Corporation and Heywood Wakefield were supposed to 
produce the chair, but WW2 put a stop to that.
The fabric is by Marli Ehram.

According to the price list, the chair was $89.50